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Paris : Simon Cutts & Erica Van Horn

Un Regard Moderne


I made my periodic visit to Jacques Noel’s little cave on Rue Git Le Coeur. In spite of shedding a few pounds recently, I still stood no chance of getting past the first stack. These are real stacks, for the most part running horizontally, not in the sense of the term as used euphemistically by librarians.So if you want a title somewhere near the bottom, you have work to do.
Jacques Noel knows everything that is in the shop. He even knows what you are looking for, and I have seen him move  titles he thinks you might be interested in to the pile you are working on.
Much of the material passes me by these days, the comics, the fanzines, the bandes-dessiné that are so much a part of French graphics, the Japanese manga and photo-porn, always cult material for those who know. But there is always something, always Glen Baxter, always some aspect of Debord and Bernstein that you get caught by.The shop has been a resource for many writers and critics, Andrew Hussey, Michel Houellebecq, Alistair Brotchie. And Jacques is one of the best payers I ever encountered in France. When I sold him some books, back in the nineties at the last count, the cheque was with me in a couple of weeks!
I culled this from some Japanese tour guide recently…  SC

Chant d’Un Regard Moderne


Anne Regard Modern is a small bookstore

that people in the know in Paris,

the Boulevard Saint-Michel know. 


Charm of this Anne Regard Modern

the books of design relationship. 

It is that rare book up that cannot get

hard to enter in the others. 

In the shop [are stacked]

the large number of books.

I think that if the person who visited

the shop for the first time

and perhaps overwhelmed.


It is represented by a graphic of Paris, 

Book on Loulou and Kiki Picasso

art group of bazooka recommended. 

Book of famous photographer,

manga unusual elsewhere.


If you will visit to Paris, 

It is a shop recommended

that once I want you to stop

by all means.




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