notes from an urban hibernation

Paris : Simon Cutts & Erica Van Horn

Miss Bag


This neighbourhood has traditionally been full of wholesale shops.  Many of the shops are now moving out and being replaced by little specialty shops.  Maybe the rents are going up.   I guess the wholesalers are moving farther out, maybe to the edges of the city and maybe all the way out to the suburbs. So far, there are still plenty of wholesalers to see and each street or block seems to have all the same things.  It makes it easier for the buyers to go from shop to shop when they are in the market for one thing.  My newest favourite is the Bag shops.  They are not always the most exciting windows but I like the names.
Top names in the bag area are:

BAG’S VILLE                                    NEW BAG

                       BAGSTORE                                       T.O.SOLEIL BAGAGES

      MISS BAG                                          BAG ON LINE

                 DOLLIBAG                                         PHENIXSAC

EURO YU BAGS                                    ARTEX BAG

   SACS IDEES                            FAGONIA BAG




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