notes from an urban hibernation

Paris : Simon Cutts & Erica Van Horn

Small things


Some cinemas sell food and drinks, but many do not.  In those cinemas which are not selling edibles, I have been interested to read the notice on the screen before the film begins.  It could be thought of as a Public Service Announcement.  This notice consists of a single sentence reminding people that it is not a good idea to snack between meals.

Adults with a round sign on a stick wait to help school children to cross the street safely.  These people wear bright coloured vests or long bright waterproof coats.  They might be men or they might be women.  In Britain and Ireland these crossing guards are called Lollipop Men or Lollipop Women – a nod to their round sign on the long stick.  Here, the stick is shorter but the sign is still circular.  I must find out if the name for the person also references a lollipop.

For both medications and recipes, I have always relied on the tea spoon as a measure. Here the coffee spoon, which is of course the same size, is the required unit.



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