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Paris : Simon Cutts & Erica Van Horn



I am always happiest when I have peanut butter at home.  This pale blue tin has been a sign of France for me for a long time. It is not easily found.  It is never in supermarkets, nor in most shops.  It is usually found in an African shop, or occasionally in a Chinese shop which sells a variety of ethnic food items.  The little blond boy in the red shirt eating bread spread with peanut butter has been available mostly in places where the majority of shoppers are not white.   The boy used to be surrounded by peanuts in the shell. They provided a floating peanut aura around him.  I have not seen the peanut aura for some time.  Maybe the peanuts were only on the larger sized tins, but I have not seen any larger sized tins either.  It is awkward to buy peanut butter in a tin, because once it is open there is no way to close it again.  I have my own tin covered with a piece of silver foil. When the tin is empty I shall wash it and keep it.  I have never thrown away a Dakatine tin.    EVH


One comment on “Dakatine

  1. betterblended
    January 29, 2014

    who goes to france to eat peanut butter??????

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