notes from an urban hibernation

Paris : Simon Cutts & Erica Van Horn

More Windows

photo copy

17 February Tuesday


I walked down one street around the corner and I saw windows being washed. Some were being cleaned from the outside and some were being cleaned from the inside. The window cleaners were all men. Some had buckets and rags and some had buckets with little sponge and squeegee combinations on sticks. There were a few ladders but the windows being washed were shop windows. The shops on that street are all small shops so the windows are reachable by standing on the pavement. I was interested that so many shops in one street were having their windows cleaned at the same time. I thought that if one man and his bucket had moved down the street doing one window after another, it would not be odd. So many men and so many buckets and so many shiny windows seemed very curious.


On the next block I saw more men, more buckets and more windows being washed. This activity continued along several streets. I was confused and I wanted to ask someone if this happens every single Tuesday morning, or if there is something special about today. I wish I had known when I first saw the window cleaners how many there would be. I think I might have started to count them.



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