notes from an urban hibernation

Paris : Simon Cutts & Erica Van Horn

Supplying the Circus

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 24 February Tuesday

The Cirque d’Hiver is just up the street. There is a big screen on the outside of the building. It is all flashing lights and images. The screen is there to tempt people from as far away as across the street with the excitement awaiting them indoors. I have stepped into the foyer and seen the drawn portraits of the four Bouglione brothers. They are Joseph, Alexandre, Sampron, and Firmin. They are the third generation of Bougliones running the circus. I have never been inside for a performance but I enjoy walking up the side street beside the building. In the mornings there are deliveries of hay for the animals. A big truck brings bales of hay or straw and it gets unloaded into the side of the building. I never know if I am looking at straw or if I am looking at hay. The deliveries are at certain times. There is a sign on the door to announce the hours. Maybe the deliveries are done every day or maybe a few times a week. White plastic bins, upside down,  are left in position to stop people from parking in the delivery zone. When the big side door of the building is open the sounds of the circus being fed and exercised and cleaned is thrilling. I am always hoping to see an elephant or a lion. On a windy day there is straw scattered on the street and the pavements. I guess the old stuff must be taken away each time when a new load arrives. Some of the straw or hay is for bedding but some is probably for eating. I should spend a little more time up there watching the movements at the side door, especially since the hours are listed.  EVH


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