notes from an urban hibernation

Paris : Simon Cutts & Erica Van Horn

Pencil Shavings


We have decided to make an edition of the shards and pencil shavings of Takesheda Matsutani, which he has never thrown away since the mid nineteen fifties. He has kept the debris from every sharpened pencil in buckets and plastic bags in his studio, and now it might be the moment to see them as some kind of chronometer of his life in Paris. Over the road from his studio is a wooden box maker who has standard sizes of small boxes with brass hinges and a brass clasp for the fastener of the lid. Choosing the right sized box and dividing the contents of each into the whole amount of pencil shavings will give us the size of the edition. This has not yet happened, as Matsutani had to go to Japan yesterday, but it will, and we shall have some sort of timer of his life.


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