notes from an urban hibernation

Paris : Simon Cutts & Erica Van Horn

Monteverdi in the 13th

photo 2

We walked to the Eglise Sainte-Rosalie near Place d’Italie for a late afternoon vocal performance of the music of Monteverdi.  The church itself was a disappointment. It did not offer much to look at nor to remark upon. It was just a church with good acoustics. As usual in these frigid concert settings we all sat with our hats on and our coats buttoned up while we listened.  Even before the music began we were joined as a group by the chill in the church. As the second part of the performance was to begin the conductor raised his hand.  The ensemble took breaths and stood up tall to start singing O Beatae Viae.  At the exact moment of the raised hand the church bells began to strike six.  The conductor’s hand stopped. The singers paused.  Slowly the singers and then the conductor and then the audience all smiled.  We all smiled and we waited. When the bells stopped ringing the concert proceeded.



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