notes from an urban hibernation

Paris : Simon Cutts & Erica Van Horn

The Lawn is Sleeping

photo 3

The parks are full of sandy paths and sandy areas for strolling and perhaps playing games. Children’s climbing frames and swings are all located on sandy ground. There are planted areas which are usually fenced off with low barricades of some sort.  Today I note a lot of daffodils coming up between shrubs.  There is a bit of grass, but there is not a lot of grass.  There is not a single daffodil coming up in the few grass covered places. And no one is allowed to walk on the grass between the fifteenth of October and the fifteenth of April. This little sign is clear on that point. It would be perfect for the little lawn areas to be full of snowdrops and crocus and daffodils from autumn through and into the spring since no one would be permitted to step on them. But nothing can grow in the grass except grass and no one can step there as the grass is resting for the winter.



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