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Paris : Simon Cutts & Erica Van Horn

The Pencils of Matsutani 2

photo 1

The project for the performance of boxing and numbering all the pencil shavings of Takaseda Matsutani continues to have its problems. We are still waiting for the boxes to arrive from the manufacturer. The glass inserts were cut to size but inaccurately, and have to be done again when the actual boxes are here. Is it always difficult to work on such schemes in another place besides that which you know, or is it the decline in small manufacture everywhere? So we have devised an aside to the gathering together of the shavings : we will bag up the measured amount for our designated boxes first into very fine cellophane bags found in the jewellery quarter, and tie on a label with legend and number. It can only add to the invented ritual of the performance, which can only be seen as very tame and clinical by comparison to the death-defying heights of the usual medium! At least we have white coats and gloves, and now a button badge to go on the lapel pocket, which prevents us making a smudge on the fabric if we used a rubber stamp. SC


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