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Paris : Simon Cutts & Erica Van Horn



Just down the street is the wonderful Carnavalet Museum of the history of Paris. It is quite an unreconstructed place, and free, where you can amble and bump into things you had no idea were of interest. Like most French museums, they do have a sens de visite, which I always feel is a bit like wearing your underpants the wrong way round.But you can ignore it without getting lost.What is so good about Musée Carnavalet is the accumulation of history through persistent minor works. For instance, you feel you have witnessed the introduction of street lighting in the city through a succession of works by artists you have not heard of, a kind of beginning of The Painter of Modern Life as Baudelaire called it. Take for instance, the above painting by Jules Didier and Jacques Guiaud of the projection and reading of messages brought by carrier-pigeon to the Central Telegraph in November 1870.  Or the painting below by Jean Béraud, of a so-called Morris column covered in illuminated posters of events in Paris in 1868. You begin to get a feeling for the modern city of the time, the lights which are always on, which we head for from our dark valley in Tipperary. SC



One comment on “Éclairage

  1. kateplus
    March 5, 2016

    Éclairage. Matsutani has had news from the wood store man. Next Saturday! shame. Hiroko will have to pick them up. She can then get them to the frame shop for cutting the glass.

    very nice Simon. great to have had 3 to read today in between administrative paper work and donkey chores. my complements to you and Erica. Shoes? DID YOU EAT THOSE LOVELY EGGS at L near V. Camper? . Kate >

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