notes from an urban hibernation

Paris : Simon Cutts & Erica Van Horn

Waiting for fruit to rot

Everything is a vocabulary lesson. KAKI is the word for Persimmon. I do not know much about persimmons. We bought two and ate them mashed up in a bowl with a dollop of creme-fraîche on top. They became the most amazing sweet pudding ever. The sweetness was all the natural sugar of the fruit. It was exquisite. It tasted of warm places. We were so excited by the newness of the flavour that we bought five more kaki fruit. Then we learned that a nice fresh firm persimmon is essentially useless. We have to wait for it to turn brown and rot and look horrible from the outside before it is sweet and mushy on the inside. I check the five every day. Several times a day. It has only been six days so far. Two of them are a little bit brown on the bottom. We might have to wait for as long as five weeks. At this rate that feels like forever. And I must remember to call the persimmons by their French name.          EVH


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