notes from an urban hibernation

Paris : Simon Cutts & Erica Van Horn

Monteverdi in the 13th

We walked to the Eglise Sainte-Rosalie near Place d’Italie for a late afternoon vocal performance of the music of Monteverdi.  The church itself was a disappointment. It did not offer … Continue reading

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Battling La Poste

The post office on rue Saintonge continues to be a nightmare.  There are other post offices within walking distance but we have had the habit of using this post office. … Continue reading

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Haddock Box

When I walk in Tipperary I always come home with something.  Sometimes it is a horse chestnut, or an apple or some blackberries. It might be a handful of wild … Continue reading

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Oatcakes at the door

The doorbell rang this morning. The young man at the door was the same young man who had come from the post office last week.  He had rung the first … Continue reading

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Finders Keepers

I was waiting to cross the street on the northeast corner of the Pont au Double. I thought it was the Pont au Double but it seems to have been … Continue reading

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Watching the movers

The people across the street are moving.  Moving men arrived this morning and sent a telescopic metal ladder up to the 3rd floor.  It looks like aluminum but it might … Continue reading

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Dick & Jane, Janet & John, & Brian

  When I was learning to read I met Dick and Jane.  They were in our school books.  As we progressed and gathered more words, we learned what Dick and … Continue reading

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Sharing food

We spent a few days visiting and being as helpful and cheerful as we could be. All our meals were eaten at a table in the small downstairs room where … Continue reading

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The police put a note on the front door.  It was about parking. Actually it was about not parking.  It was about not parking on the street on Thursday the … Continue reading

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