notes from an urban hibernation

Paris : Simon Cutts & Erica Van Horn

Drinking Sculpture

  Stepping out, or more like hobbling-out for the first time with the torn ankle, to see the wonderful Alighiero Boetti exhibition I had seen in London last November. In … Continue reading

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Hotel Clarisse

Somewhere on the southern boundaries, beyond the tram lines, but before the péripherique, chasing one Porte or another, what could be the original Jacques Tati ludicrous formica Hotel, in all … Continue reading

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The Winter Circus

The biggest truck you have ever seen pulled into Rue Crussot to discharge its cargo of caged animals for the Cirque d’Hiver. How it will negotiate its exit, presumably backwards … Continue reading

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Un verre limé

We’re back again, almost a couple of weeks now. We are starting to walk off the last couple of Portes to be done, the unclear remnants of  a self-invented project, … Continue reading

February 11, 2017 · 1 Comment

Walking and Working

    We have been lucky to have had yet another Urban Hibernation. We have loved walking and working from this starting point. We have loved walking and working from … Continue reading

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L’Atelier des Sourcils

  I had seen it many times, but didn’t know what it meant, The Eyebrow Academy, even though I had used the phrase Sourcils des Poétes in other contexts. It … Continue reading

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Worldly Goods

She appears erratically.  Sometimes I do not see her for a week or ten days. Sometimes she pushes and sometimes she pulls a large cart full of bags and boxes … Continue reading

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The Book Artist of Rue de Bretagne

We have our very own Book Artist on Rue de Bretagne. He has been here ever since we started coming in the winter, and he makes fan and bellows-like constructions … Continue reading

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Every visit to every museum leaves me with at least one thing I think about again and again.  It might be something I made a note about or it might … Continue reading

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Chopin. Chopin. Chopin.

Posters for music performed in churches appear regularly on certain walls and fences. They are always photocopied on attention getting  pieces of coloured paper. The posters are always the same … Continue reading

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