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Paris : Simon Cutts & Erica Van Horn

Encore La Poste

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11 February Wednesday


My 89 year old mother has been trapped by blizzards and by heavy snowfall and ice for three or four days every week. It has been a long winter for her and it is not over yet.


I bought a tiny box of biscuits. The box was attractive. I took it home and I wrapped it up to take to the post office. I thought it would not be heavy to post and they would give her a lot of pleasure in her wintery confinement.


The woman at the post office screeched in disbelief at my parcel. She rushed over to show it to a man at his counter. He waved his arms and looked disgusted. She rushed back to her counter and got out a measuring device which was orange. It was bent in several directions. From what I understand the parcel was too small to be as fat as it was. It was both too big and too small. There was no solution for it. My parcel was refused.


I came home and opened the biscuits. We ate them with a cup of tea. They were delicious as they were made with a lovely balance of buttter and dark chocolate.




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