notes from an urban hibernation

Paris : Simon Cutts & Erica Van Horn

Walking and Working

    We have been lucky to have had yet another Urban Hibernation. We have loved walking and working from this starting point. We have loved walking and working from … Continue reading

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Worldly Goods

She appears erratically.  Sometimes I do not see her for a week or ten days. Sometimes she pushes and sometimes she pulls a large cart full of bags and boxes … Continue reading

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Every visit to every museum leaves me with at least one thing I think about again and again.  It might be something I made a note about or it might … Continue reading

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Chopin. Chopin. Chopin.

Posters for music performed in churches appear regularly on certain walls and fences. They are always photocopied on attention getting  pieces of coloured paper. The posters are always the same … Continue reading

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Secret Chalk Mark

Two young men came out a door on the opposite corner just as I was crossing the street.  They were Japanese.  Or maybe they were Korean. The first one walked … Continue reading

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The Best Bit is the Finding

I am always happy to find things in books.  I like to find a bus ticket or a train ticket from some far away place. I like to find a … Continue reading

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The River is Rising

Today is the day.  Or today might be the day but it might not be the day.  Any day between today and the 12th of March might be the day. … Continue reading

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The Lawn is Sleeping

The parks are full of sandy paths and sandy areas for strolling and perhaps playing games. Children’s climbing frames and swings are all located on sandy ground. There are planted … Continue reading

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Starting from Porte de Sevres

We set off from the Porte de Sevres in cold bright sunshine. Walking at a good pace was essential because the wind was so sharp.  Hats and gloves were also … Continue reading

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Cotton and Cardboard

The preparation for Matsutani’s edition of collected pencil shavings has taken us to new places in the city.  Yesterday we went to rue Monsieur le Prince and visited a shop … Continue reading

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